I looked at the cover for the new Image Series “FairLady” before I read the press release, meaning the cover has unfairly shaped my opinions about what I predict the series will be about. From the team of writer Brian Schirmer, artist Claudia Balboni, colorist Marissa Louise and letterer Shari Chankhamma (who is left off the press release despite being awesome and lovely?? For shame, Image), this is an ongoing fantasy detective series which follows the cases of┬áJenner Faulds, the only female P.I. in a land filled with strange creatures – one of whom is, I repeat, a hot cat. Look at him:

You would, wouldn’t you?

A procedural series, each 30-page issue promises to follow a standalone mystery through to the end, as Faulds and Hot Cat Dude try to solve some of the smaller, unwanted cases – being the only female P.I. means that all the other dicks give you their throwaways – and find that they can often lead to some of the biggest surprises. The first issue is out in April, with a variant cover from Tula Lotay. Will that variant cover prominently feature the hunky cat?? This question remains sadly unanswered.

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